About Me

Hey I’m Marissa,

I’ve always been involved in art from the time I was a child, watching and learning from my Dad painting and drawing. I continued to hone my skills through school art courses. In college I took to Graphic Design over a Fine Arts degree, I felt as though the integration of Graphic Design into daily life is much greater. I graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors in Graphic Information Design, a Minor in Fine Arts and a Minor in Marketing. I continue to utilize both my creativity and functionality in several different design outlets; Logo Design, Branding, Print Design, Web Design, Illustration, Fine Arts and more. Most recently I have begun to create Custom Vinyl Decals, T-shirts, Cups and other projects of the sorts.

In my free time I enjoy gaming and streaming on Twitch, training and exercising our dogs, watching a good movie or enjoying the outdoors.

I’m excited to be able to create a Custom Project with you! Or visit my store for pre-made Vinyl Shirts, Cups and more!!!